Hi, I bought this domain but finally I'm not using it.

So, sequoies.com is available now.

You can buy It or USE IT under a Legal Renting Contract.

The renting option works as follows:

  1. We agree on the terms and sign a short contract.
  2. You put your web/app on your preferred hosting or platform.
  3. I set-up a PayPal subscription contract to automate the recurring payments.
  4. You subscribe online to the contract and I point sequoies.com to your hosting forever. Then the domain shown in your URL will always be sequoies.com and you will receive all the traffic directly.
  5. The domain remains pointed to your web/app while you pay the monthly subscription.
  6. We both are happy.

Renting is a great option because You save a Ton of money up-front.

Remember You probably can deduct renting bills off your business taxes.

If You have any misgiving about anything above, feel free to show this page to an expert to confirm this is OK.

I'll consider selling the domain but It's a top-level-domain ".com", so your offer should have a few zeros. It's up to You.

To make a deal (Buy/Rent) or asking any question feel free to contact me here: hello@josebalaguer.eu.

Have a nice day!

J. Balaguer